Fox Islands

The most hazardous place in Alaska would have to be the Fox Islands.

Located in the volcanic Aleutian Island chain, the Fox Islands are a seismically active area. Earthquakes are frequent in the area. The place where these islands are located is a subduction zone, and the Pacific Plate is being forced underneath the North American plate, resulting in earthquakes as the plates move against each other. The region is capable of producing strong temblors, already experiencing a 6.3 in 1952, a 7.3 in 2011 and a 6.9 in 2015

Volcanic activity is also prominent (obviously–these are volcanic islands!) in the area, with at least three active volcanoes located in the Fox Islands: Okmok, Akutan and Makushin.

Volcanic and seismic activity can cause another hazard to which the Fox Islands are very vulnerable: tsunamis. The Islands are already vulnerable to flooding, as shown on the Alaska Department of Natural Resources website. As in many coastal villages, erosion from rising sea levels is already a concern. There is also concern for future damage to natural shorelines in the event of an earthquake or from heavy storms.

All of these earthquakes, volcanoes, and possible damage from waves both large and small make the Aleutian Islands’ Fox Islands the most hazardous area in Alaska.

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