Blog 1



You are required to write 6 blogs during the course. Blog 1 is designed to introduce you to the rest of the class and to the course. For instructions on how to post your blog to the entire class, please refer to the Blackboard instructions.

Your assignments are due by the “Deadline’. Your grade will be deducted 1 point for each late day.

Your Blog Alias

If you prefer not to post to the blog using your true name, you are able to set up a pseudonym in the “User” area of the class web site. You can find it by using the login on  to access your Dashboard. You will see the link to “User” on the left.

Blog Assignment 1

It will be helpful for us to have an idea of where each of you have lived in Alaska–if you have, in fact, lived here. If not, that, of course, is no problem. As we go through this course, those of you who have lived in different parts of the state may be able to give the rest of the class some insights regarding the area where you live (or have lived) in Alaska. Please use the Blog to let me know where you live (or have lived) in Alaska. If you have lived in more than one place in Alaska, please note them. For those of you who do not live in Alaska, please let us know where you live. I will post a map of the United States and, if appropriate, a map of the world. All of you should be “on the map’ for this class.

I will post the composite class location map as soon as possible.

5 points

Log in, click the “+New” link (it will appear in the black bar above once you’re logged in), then write  your introduction post. Don’t forget to assign your introduction post to the Blog 1 category.