Blog 6


Alaska has long been of interest to people in the United States and also foreign tourists. So, not surprisingly there has been an enormous amount written and imaged on Alaska. Some years ago, Gilbert Grosvenor, then President and Chairman of the Board of the National Geographic Society, commented that more articles had been written about Alaska in the National Geographic Magazine than any other world region. Thus, there is no lack of material available. In this class we will focus on gaining geographic perspectives on Alaska and how to approach studying Alaska geographically. That means we don’t want to overwhelm anyone with just “stuff’ on Alaska. I have selected a number of maps, graphs, images, and articles for us to study. But, I realize that there is so much more that we could/should have included. With Blog 6 you will have the opportunity to suggest other, perhaps better, web sites that your colleagues and future students of this course might want to visit.

a. In this assignment, select 3 web sites on different topics/weeks (from natural hazards to resource development) that you think would make valuable contributions to the course. Please do NOT use the web sites that I have listed. If you come across web sites that offer excellent visuals (especially natural landscapes) do not hesitate to use them. Visuals are very important!

b. Select one (1) web site suggested by another student and evaluate it in a similar manner.

c. Be sure to include the url and a name of the web site and the date that you last accessed the site.

d. Provide a description of what the web site is about.

e. Also write an explanation of why the web site might be of value to the class. That is, link your evaluation to the materials covered in the class.

Value: 15 Points

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