My name is Morgan, my friends call me Morgs. This is my second year attending UAF as a full-time student, and for the first time I am genuinely excited about all of my classes! I was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin, yet I moved to Fairbanks when I was young. I grew up living in a small cabin in Chatanika, located 30 miles north of Fairbanks. The cabin, where my dad still lives, sits ┬áright on the Chatanika River. It made me appreciate living in nature much more. I’ve been living in town for several years now, which is much more convenient on gas. During the summer I love exploring throughout the state of Alaska. My dad and I take a fishing trip to Valdez yearly which feeds us for most of the year. I have friends and family that live in Homer, make sure to walk the spit if you ever get the chance to go it is so beautiful.

I wish you all a good semester and happy new year!

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  1. jlweber4

    We go fishing each year out of Valdez as well! I didn’t realize that halibut was “expensive” until I went Outside! We just always had it!

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