Siren’s Song

The most hazardous place in Alaska is the Stampede Trail in Healy. You may be familiar with location as the site of the “magic bus” from “Into the Wild.” The most dangerous part about this specific site is its allure. While they’re are places more dangerous, they give no reason for laymen to venture yonder. However, the magic bus calls out to many like a siren’s song. About twenty miles off of the park highway, there is no easy way to access it. It requires preparation, and knowledge of the land, somethings that many of its tourist lack. There are neither bridges for foot traffic, nor roads for cars on this trek. Christopher McCandless, whose death and writings created this infamous landmark, has drawn quite the fanbase of people looking to recreate their lives. His writings are so powerful, his followers often decide to embrace the risks that killed McCandless, in hopes to experience what had during his last few days of life.

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