Natural Hazards of Alaska’s Arctic Circle

Alaska is considered to be one of the most hazardous states, given its vast wilderness and isolated tundra. Many areas in Alaska have never-ending hazards throughout the state. Yet, one of the most dangerous areas in Alaska is the  Arctic Circle and the Dalton highway that travels nearly 414 miles long. The Alaskan Arctic Circle is a unique place that carries one of the worlds most extreme climates. If you are to ever visit, there are several precautions to take.

The windy and unpaved road to the Circle is very treacherous as many people do not take it seriously. The Dalton highway is one of the lonliest highways in America, that also does not carry cell phone service. In the dead of winter, it is always dark and blistering cold hitting nearly 80 below at its coldest. Originally, it was constructed for the Alaskan Pipeline, as it is also the famous road featured on Ice Road Truckers.  I have personally driven to Circle with my dad several times. The road conditions are awful, as I have noticed many memorial placings on the side of the road where people have died.

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