Mike’s the name, geography’s my game.

Howdy class! My name is Mike, and I’m starting my third year here at UAF. I had never set foot in the state of Alaska until my first day of class my freshman year, when I flew up from the lower 48. I have lived in the dorms all my time in Alaska, but am thinking of getting an apartment or cabin off campus! I have lived in Westport, Connecticut, a cool costal committing city of New York. On other side of the U.S., I have lived in Los Gatos, California a mountainous suburb of Silicon Valley, as well as San Fransisco, which is great if you’re a walker! finally, I have lived is Curitiba, Brazil, a culturally rich city with one of the world’s finest public transportation systems!


In the future I hope to call many different places my home, in the same manner I have come to call Alaska a home.

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