Blog # 1: Introduction

Hi Everyone,

I have been in Alaska since August 3, 2019. I teach Geometry and Algebra 1 full time at Barrow High School, Barrow, Alaska. About 60 % of the students are Native Alaskans. There is no trees, no plants, no flowers, and everywhere is ice. The roads are not paved. It mostly dark 24 hours a day, but from 11 to 2, the sky is dark blue and you can see the sunlight in the horizon. The local people are friendly. There is four restaurants here but very expensive ($25 and up for a meal). The good news there is Subway and there charge $8 for the sandwich of the day. I go there everyday after work. There is 300 students at the high school.

I moved to Alaska from MIchigan, from the Ann Arbor area.

Until next time,

keep warm

Catharina Laan

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  1. Becca

    Hey, Barrow sounds amazing!! I really wanted to visit back in September/October so I could see some wild polar bears but missed my chance! I don’t suppose you could show us a photo of what Barrow looks like now? I can’t imagine a place with no trees, flowers or plants!

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