Blog # 2 Map Perspectives: 4 Maps

All the maps I reviewed all very interesting in their perspective on what to emphasize.

My favorite map was the map that showed where the Native Alaskas Settlement are located throughout the State of Alaska. It is from this map I can see that they settled next to bodies of water: rivers, ocean, sea,   and   lakes. Also, in this map, I liked the fact the mountain ranges are shown. One can see how the different Native Alaskans tribes were isolated from each other, and the difference on what they dependent on various ways to get food: whales vs. fish, etc.

My second favorite map is the Alaska Map laid over the MId-West of United States. It really show how big Alaska is to other states. I did not realize it was bigger than Texas. I have new appreciation of how big Alaska is compared to Texas and California.

My third favorite map is the Harriman Expedition Map. That expedition in 1899 was a amazing one and appreciation the journey that took as it is displayed on the map as they traveled the coast along the southern part of Alaska and to all the way to Siberia. Wow, what an adventure and risk those people took on.

Finally, my fourth favorite map is the location of Health Care Facilities in Alaska. I live in Barrow, Alaska. We have Alaska Native Health Hospital. It is a beautiful. Emergency Room, Dental, Vision, and specialist of all areas come in once a month for several days at a time.   I would not come to Barrow unless I knew there was a hospital. So for someone to decide to move to new community, I would think that they most would ask if there was a hospital in town. Looking at the map, there is not that many hospitals.



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